Can you help me fix my printer?

Only family can ask me questions like that. I’m a designer, not tech support. If you thought they were the same thing, you either should’t consider hiring me, or you should make me your company’s CEO.

How much does a website cost?

Lots of money. So so so so much!

You do nail your designs first time, overtime hey?

Nope. Seldom do. Sorry to disappoint you, but good design comes about through designing a lot, thinking, and refinement.

Do you prefer HSB or RGB?

HSB. Love. I’m glad you didn’t ask about CMYK.

Sketch of Photoshop?

I actually prefer Illustrator. Learning Sketch more and more.

What do you use for prototyping?

Marvel and Framer Studio.

Do you have ginger-related super-powers?

Apparently this is a real thing. Maybe I do, maybe I don’t – but I am balding, so they may be weakening.

What are your super powers?

Ideas. Quick design. Adapting.

What’s your kryptonite?

Competition. I always want to win. And details – the Pareto principle always gets me.

Do you have any tattoos?

Not yet.

Who are your design heroes?

Finding design heroes is on my list of things to do.

What is the ballsiest thing you’ve ever done?

Bungee-jumping off of Bloukrans Bridge, the highest commercial jump in the world.

What are your favourite apps?

Clear. WhatsApp. Paper by 53. Ulysses for writing. The Hit List.

What is your defining design principle/s?

Invisible and simple design. Get 1 thing right before you try another. I often ask what matters most, and try get that right first.

Can you make me a Wordpress site?

I’d rather not. I prefer Statamic. But I’d prefer to stay away from website-for-websites sake projects. I design products, apps and services.

Do you like Bootstrap or Foundation?

No. I prefer making systems, not using them. I also like hand-coding everything myself. Sure, there are times when they work, but in general, I don’t want my stuff looking like everyone else’s and I don’t want to spend time customising, when it could’ve been built custom in the first place.

Have you ever worked in Flash?

Yes. It used to be my thing. And then Steve Jobs ruined my life. I still miss it. Swift and Xcode is similar, but nothing will ever be like it. The ability to draw, animate, design and code in 1 app, with tiny file sizes was just the best.