The best last minute Christmas gift

Christmas came around fast this year. Again. And you may not have had time to think about gifts or why we give Christmas gifts in the first place. We have done that a bit. We’ve cut down our Christmas gift-giving this year. For a few reasons. The first is that we generally don’t know what to get other people (that won’t break the bank). And they generally have no idea what to give us (that won’t break the bank). And to get people gifts just for the sake of gift-giving doesn’t sit well with us. And then we realised that simply spending time with our family is far more important than gifts. But you may a gift-person and love giving presents!

But you may have left it too late or still may have no clue what to get someone. I have a plan for you. Get a Kiva gift card. If I told you this earlier, you could have got a nice physical card, but you’ll have to settle for a email voucher now. It’s a minimum of $25 that a giver lends to someone to fund their little pipe dream. And then when the borrower pays it back the lender gets to lend it again. All online. It’s a recursive present.

I’ve been recursively lending for about 4 years I think. It’s amazing. I’ve helped start businesses and send kids to school - just for $25.