Swee & Moo

Swee & Moo

So after spending many an hour illustrating, doodling, drawing and making little cards, greeting cards for friends and family, we decided to share it with the rest of the universe. What we’re striving for isn’t world domination, but to put quirky, cute, fun, and smile-inducing pieces of art and products into the hands of people who would appreciate it.

Chantelle and I decided that we’d like to do something together. We wanted to spend time working on something that we both enjoyed and could see ourselves doing for the foreseeable future. It need not be massive, very time-consuming or hugely successful, but rather fun, hand-made and where both of our talents and gifts could be wound together to create something longer-lived. So we’ve been working for the last 2 or 3 months on the odd evening and on the odd weekend, illustrating, designing, sourcing, and making these greeting cards. There’s quite a few Christmas cards for now, but that will change as the seasons change.

Chantelle is not only creative, but amazing at administration and being a creative’s manager. I’ve been know to start and abandon projects soon into their lives, but with Chantelle being involved it’s been different. She’s pushed me, generated ideas, critiqued the work where necessary and been involved with all decision making. It’s great to discuss and argue about things that you both believe in because you know that you both want the best and both have valid points to make.

We source our paper and materials from local manufacturers, hand cut all of our cards, and even have a stamp for our business cards. We draw with pen and ink at the moment, before scanning the illustrations into the computer, fixing them up slightly, and then printing.

They’re hand-made with lots of love and hopefully they’ll delight young and old. It’s our journey, so we’ll see where we go!