Stately websites

Stately is an online store that matches estate owners with curated goods and offerings. Estate residents are faced with a barrage of online & offline shopping opportunities. The site aims to cut through the garbage and present members a unique experience, offering high quality items, services and features.

The main site runs on Shopify and their Liquid templating system. After designing many versions of the site, and being in constant design & dev mode, we soft launched in mid 2014. The site makes use of a few third-party plugins, but I hand coded a majority of the site’s HTML, CSS, JavaScript & jQuery. The sites & concepts are a work in progress.

Stately features high quality makers, artists and businesses.

Working with Shopify had its pros and cons. It’s very rigid, and hard to do too much under-the-hood customisation, yet the ability to create a store in minutes was highly advantageous.

Sign up happens on page if the screen is big enough, with custom animation and fading techniques being used.

Icons are used sporadically throughout the site to give it warmth. The site tries to be as simple and clean as possible, but the Shopify/PayFast checkout experience is far from ideal at the moment.

Imagery plays a big role in the site, and content has been made king.

A grid system was used to display text and imagery together in beautiful & flexible ways.

The feature site was designed to rely on and expose high quality imagery. Gorgeous imagery combined with nice & big text gets users salivating over the beautiful products & offers.

Both sites use media queries to make use of the screen space available.

The grid system collapses nicely when on mobile.

A few emails have also been designed and sent out, with A/B testing being done on a few select campaigns.