Spell It web app

Have you ever tried to speak someone on the phone, who doesn’t speak great English and happens to be in a noisy area? They end up delivering your food to Balloon View instead of Bellevue Road. So I made Spell It, a responsive web app that gives you phonetic spelling as you type. It helps when dealing with noisy call-centres, telephonic deliveries or your half-deaf grandmother.

After coming up with idea I designed & hand coded the app using PHP, CSS, HTML, JavaScript & jQuery. Bookmark it or add it your home screen - http://spellit.mobi.

Simply browse or type.

It was quite impossible to get typing without having a textfield present across devices, so I ditched in favour of a manual type keyboard.

You can type something to be spelled & choose a custom spellphabet.

More space on the desktop meant for more fun and the menu on the left. And you can type freely and the letters will just appear!