Our herb story

Our herb story

We’ve been trying to grow our own herbs and vegetables for over a year now. Although our intents were noble, ethical and green, we’ve had plant issues from day one. Questions of whether green fingeredness was born or learned were often asked. We’ve had our fair share of disappointments, happy moments and eureka moments, but for the most part they’ve been for the worse.

But all this has aged us greatly in plant-years. We’ve learned a lot and realised that it’s not that hard, but also not that easy to grow these plants. We’re realising what works and what doesn’t. One thing that we figured out is that not all nursery employees know as much about plants, or herbs and veggies, as we thought they did - they may have a bunch of plants and herbs standing lazily outside in the sun but don’t be fooled. That being said, we have got most of our help from various nurseries around Durban. Our best experience has been at Jungle garden nursery in Sherwood.

But it’s all been worth it. The feeling of being outside, gardening in your pots and getting your hands and patio dirty, with the person you love most is rewarding like nothing else. Eating your own lettuce and tomatoes in a salad and having them taste fresher and sweeter than the those that you bought in the shop is smile-producing. Sprinkling your own rosemary or parsley on top of or into a meal makes you feel like a master-chef and master-gardener in one. We’ve had some really fun and rewarding times.

We’ve learned a bunch of things. And I guess we’re still going to learn a bunch of things. Maybe we should get a book on how to this properly, but we like doing things our way, and we like learning, and we like sharing. Here’s some things that we’ve learned.

Some things that we haven’t tried, but would still like to do is sing to them, speak to them, and plant them in a real garden, one day, with soil unending. I’m just amazed at how each plant, when in seed form, is so small and indistinguishable from the next and yet they all grow up to be different plants that smell and taste different.

This is our latest bunch of parsley - almost as thick and gorgeous as my head of hair.

Some fresh produce.

The smallest of our tomato plants. The others were massive bushes.

Our luscious lettuce.

These were our humble beginnings. Since then we’ve become experts at getting our hands dirty. It just feels natural.

Our rad Clover milk-bottle seedling hub.

Our first bunch of seedlings ever. What a moment.

The resilient, but more-plant-than-veggie broccoli.

The biggest of munchers.


These were crates that we got from the Natal Midlands.

Parsley prior to digging-in. They got progressively worse after this.

Our first flower in our Clover milk-bottle seedling hub.

Marigolds - really nice flowers.