OOMA websites

OOMA websites

OOMA, a.k.a Object of My Affection, showcases makers and their products, that are ethically and sustainable produced. The project aimed at making online buying more personal. It was made for both mobile and desktop. The design was intended to be clean, crisp and get out of the way in order to let the makers & their work stand out.

After designing numerous versions of the site, I used PHP & CodeIgniter for the back-end, and hand-coded all of the HTML, CSS, JavaScript & jQuery. The site included transactional emails, with the lovely OOMA Bot, and a staged initiation system, so that we could handle and deal with users personally.

I made use of the scroll position to animate fades, and positioned the images in a grid, using PHP and JavaScript if the user resized their browser.

Because the site was so visually focused, I tried to get the interface as out of the way as I could.

The signup and login was designed to feel light and easy.

The invite site on mobile.

The invite site made use of timing, fades, scale changes and opacity to create a beautiful introductory experience of what OOMA was.

Using media queries, the main site was styled to look and work amazingly on the small screen.

Little galleries, menu icons, logo changes, repositioned elements, and font size changes were all done using media queries.