My sexy felt sunnies case

My sexy felt sunnies case

I can design and animate. I can code and write.


I’ve never been good with my hands in the real world.
Not with building projects.
Not with DIY.
I even get stoked when I change a tire or light bulb.

And here I am making Skillshare classes on coding and creativity, and my wife comes along and makes a class on how to make a real physical thing. And I did the class. And I made a physical thing! I feel so flipping good. I feel like a proper maker now. I don’t just make websites and apps, or design cool logos and animate sweet videos.

I can make things.

I’ve never sewed anything before and today, I made my first real thing – a felt sunglasses case. I watched Chantelle’s short class and spent 2 hours making it! And I think it looks rad!

I’m so proud of her for putting out the class and punting it on Facebook – it’s a daring thing to make something and then share it with the world.

Here’s the class. Go do it. It’s fun and relaxing – it was cathartic! Here’s my finished project and below are some pics!