My First iPhone app

My First iPhone app

Well while Apple have been working on their new operating systems, I’ve been tinkering away at my first iPhone app. It’s called Paleo List, and is based off of UX Foundry’s online Paleo list app which is a simple Paleolithic diet reference app. After weeks of waiting for its review it’s finally on the App Store!

The process was pretty gruelling, I must admit. I thought it would be an easy transition from web to iOS, but it was a lot more difficult than I expected. I started off doing a few iOS courses on SkillShare, and then eventually transitioned onto iPhone Dev TV where Paul Solt teaches you from the ground up.

The whole app submission process has been quite tedious and verbose, but I’m getting used to the long waits and pages and pages of documentation. It’s been hugely fun and challenging, and rewarding, to learn something new again.

And now Apple plan to release another version of iOS, and I hope that a lot of what I’ve learned can be reused, but I’m not too far down the rabbit hole to resent Apple’s changes.

So look out for some more apps that may be more applicable to you than a caveman diet app.