KZNew mobile web app

KZNew mobile web app

Yes, at last someone has made an app for those long new street names in Durban. What did they used to be called? You probably know the old names and can’t remember the new ones because they’re sooooo long and hard to say!

KZNew, a mobile web app that converts old to new & new to old. And then you can copy the new/old name to wherever you wish. And you can search! What more could you want?

After coming up with idea, and finally finding and buying the correct font, I designed and hand coded the whole thing: PHP, CSS, HTML, JavaScript & jQuery. There was a lot of mobile-specific styling that went into the app.

Add it to your home screen for quick access:

Tap old or new for a list of street names. Or simply search for the street that you want. And then tap to see other name.