Gather web app

When we bought a flat, there were so many numbers that we didn’t know. So I built Gather. Gather is a responsive web app that helps people collect, store and access their personal info in a single place from any internet-enabled device.

After coming up with the idea, I designed numerous iterations of a native iPhone version, but we thought it would be much more powerful if people could access their info at anytime, form anywhere: in another country, if they lost their phone, or were using a desktop computer. It then became a very light online list app. Each entry has a key and value field and all the info can be filtered.

I used PHP & CodeIgniter for the back-end, and hand-coded all of the HTML, CSS, JavaScript & jQuery. Because I was the sole designer & developer, I was able to change designs during development so that it felt right.

Sign up for Gather, for free:

Easily add & remove info. Remove buttons animate in on hover, and when editing.

Although the info is ordered alphabetically, search was important as the amount of information that some people have is enormous.

The menu is hidden, but easily accessed. You can download your info, besides the normal account kind of stuff.

The home page is simple & clear. I made the video, because people like videos & don’t realise how many numbers they may have.

The desktop experience was slightly different. Media queries and JavaScript had to be used as it was the same site, with the same HTML & CSS.

In the desktop version, the menu is always visible, and sticks to the top of the window.