The first Swee & Moo market

The first Swee & Moo market

The first Swee and Moo market day, just yesterday, at I Heart Market was amazing! We got there very early - I have a prompt wife - and the people around us were very friendly and supportive. We asked quite a few questions and they gave us their opinions. The nice thing about the other traders, whether they’d been trading from for 2 years or just a few months was that they all seemed quite humble. For a lot of them making things and trading at markets are their side-projects, their after-dinner work, their tinkering, their passion while they continued working full-time jobs. And this showed. There’s just hard work, love, passion and people who want to make amazing things for people who care. And they all have dreams.

My best part of the 7 hour day was engaging with customers who absolutely loved our cards. Some people bought every card, and others stood for 10 minutes trying to figure out which ones they wanted most for their R100. I spoke to illustrators, store owners, artists and students. We even shipped a bunch of our cards off to Pietermaritzburg.

We conquered our fears, we made something that we believed in, we gave of ourseleves, we pitched up, did our best, were brave, and there was a response! We had a slow start (2 cards in the first hour) but sold out of 5-packs by the end and almost sold out of others as well! People (and not just our amazing family) were complimentary of our cards and illustrations. A lot of our family and friends came and supported us - thank you!

Even those that didn’t buy cards smiled as they passed or hovered by our stall! And that made us smile! It felt like we handed the world some good, some fun, some love, and they lapped it up. It felt like we were faithful with what God had given us - that we were using what we’d been given for good.

The feeling of serving people all day was amazing. Knowing that those people, who bought from us, are going to give our cards to other people made us feel wonderful! Our cards are going forth into the world to make people smile and laugh!