Everyone is strange

It dawned upon me that everyone is different – like very different. I may have had this revelation before, but it’s stood out a lot in the last week. I really think that some people are strange. And every one of us will appear strange to someone else, at least at some point in our lives.

Every person values things differently. Every person thinks of the world in a unique way, sometimes in a similar way, but never in the same way. Every person has their own perceptions of life, money, relationships, possessions, work, leisure, living space, right and wrong. There’s no last item – the list could go on and on.

And so knowing this, it makes everyone else a little more understandable – others don’t think like us, love like us, feel like us – they don’t even eat the same things or wear the same things. Some people love money and will manipulate people in order to make more money, and by them it’s alright. Others will sell their cars because they love other people and sacrifice their comfort for the good of others, and by them its alright. That’s how these people operate.

I don’t understand everyone, and maybe I don’t actually understand anyone – but who they are is their choice and they’re influenced by their surroundings and we have an obligation to respect that and to acknowledge that they are different. We also need to understand that the way in which we think and see the world may not be right, and may not work for other people. And the thing to be wise about is to know when to press your points and beliefs, and when to agree to disagree, and when to keep your thoughts to yourself.

If we continually understood how different people are to us, or how different we are to others, it would make more sense when other people made little or no sense at all. We would love them easier. We would see them as humans and not as right or wrong but as complex beings made so wonderfully.