Axe website & campaigns

My role in many Axe projects was that of team leader & interactive designer, spending hours crafting the custom front-end interactive experiences for the website & many Facebook apps, which were often highly complex and interactive.

I spent many early morning and late nights working on Axe stuff. FirstView, the agency I was working for, was part of a team awarded the Unilever Digital Marketing Award in 2011, specifically for the work on Axe.

Check out the Axe website.

The main Axe website

A Facebook app slash screen

The Show The The Way Facebook campaign, in particular, was highly interactive, dealt with video, a game-like experience and pulling user’s Facebook profile pics into the videos. We also had to make sure that certain territories around the world could only access the conservative version of the app, as, well… it was Axe.

The user had to spray certain items in the room in order for the women to interact with them, in video format.

Users could choose between the office and the bedroom.

The more items you found, the more badges you received, and the more wallpapers you could download.